Chameleon wont eat!


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My husband's jackson have been on strike for over a week since we moved to a new apartment. He is staying hydrated (We have a mist king And I see him drink/shows no signs of dehydration) Is just over a year old now and purchased at a reptile expo April of last year. Going to pick up some different feeder today to see if he is waiting for something better then crickets and superworms. Attaching a photo of what looks like a extra slimy urate that he passed today. I'm starting to get worried am but would like to avoid a vet if at all possible :(



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It's not unusual for them to stress out if moved to a new cage, add or subtract a plant or branch. If you've double checked all your temps, lighting and humidity levels and tempting him with treat feeders doesn't work. Let us know.
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