chameleon wont eat in sun.


Well my title says it all. Ive had my chameleons outside for some days now since its been nice but my veiled refuses to eat since I have em outside. He sucks in that fat beer belly he has and gets really skinny and twirls around on a vine when I come to his cage. I cup feed him with no problems inside. I could just bring em inside and feed him but I rather not lol, any help?


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Maybe the outside is a strange environment to him so he doesn't want to eat?

How long have you been taking him out? Maybe he just doesn't want to eat in the sun.


They've been outside for about 3 days but yeah I figured he probably doesn't want too eat outside. I wanted to see if any anybodys had this happen to them too


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Is there any way he could have wild food getting into his cage? It is possible he is eating and you don't know it. If you are really worried, I would let crickets lose in his cage and let him do the work. He just may not want your hand near him while he is outside.:)
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