Chameleon trying to escape habitat

We've had this little guy for about 3mo now and I'm going to guess he was already 6mo old

Once we got heat and light sorted out together with nutrients based on feedback in this forum he seemed to settle down although for the most part he only eats crickets. We tried the odd super worm and horned worms, but I guess he just likes to hunt the crickets, so.....

Anyway, we have him in a started habitat 16" x 16" x 30" elevated off the ground about 2' He has a drip and gets mist 2 x daily (which he hates). The habitat has plenty of places to hide, climb and bask in the lamps with artificial plants, no real plants. Heat and lights on timer cycle which he follows religiously. he eats between 5-10 crickets depending on size a day from semi-transparent bins but also hits the ones that escape. We rarely leave any food in the habitat once he goes to rest in a corner or under some foliage.

Over the last week, he started to act strangely. When placing food in his habitat, he climbs towards the door and once it's opened he climbs up and out. I put my hand out and he climbs onto me. if I let him he'd climb up my arm and head for my head, but I'll let him continue hand over hand for a while. If I hold him high on one hand he'll rest and look around but will eventually start climbing down. He really doesn't stop until I put him back in the habitat but if I go close during the day he'll move in readiness to climb out again.

All I could think was that maybe he's outgrown the habitat. Outstretched he's about 4-5" long plus the tail additional. Looking at him, I'd think he should be good in the 16" x 16" x 30" for a while, but I was wondering if there may be some other reason he wants to get out.


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Ugh, guess we need to look for a new habitat, if he's already outgrown then maybe even something bigger than you suggest.

Is there anything we can do to relieve his frustration other than advertising for someone who wants to breed if mating is on his mind?
From what i can see you need to add more Branches and cover so he will have places to hide when he feels scared and larger cage too. It should look like a jungle lots of places to hide, and when he feels safe he will come out.


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Definitely agree with above^ but before you start spending money can we review your entire set up so we can make sure you get the right upgrades the first time so you don’t waste any money?

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