Chameleon Troubles


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Hi all,

I have a problem with my Chameleon. He is an 18 month old male veiled chameleon. Recently the power blew out and the heat lamp and the uv light blew out. I was away and had no chance to replace the lights. The chameleon went for 4 days without the heat lamp and uv light. I recently bought the new heat lamp and am ordering a new uv light soon. Now for the problem, the chameleon has not opened his eyes fully for several days. Is this because of the rapid change in his environment or something more and how can i get him better. I read that dehydration can cause this, is that the problem and if so how do i hydrate him. I havent fed him in 2 days, because he can't see. What is wrong with him? Should I take him to the vet...there arent many herptologist in the area that I know of.

Cheers, Adam
Did the lights explode? If so, it could be eye damage. But a few days with no lights, water and food won't hurt him, he's a reptile. As long as he was in good condition before, and not a growing baby, somethign like that won't do any harm. It must be something that started beforehand, unless there were physical injuries from the lights breaking.
a suggestion...

I agree with Eric and you may want to see a vet in case there is injury.

My suggestion for future reference is to get a surge suppressor strip to use for your lights rather than directly into the wall. If they both went it may have been due to a sudden electrical surge (depending where you live, how old the wiring is, etc.) or even lightning. You may also have a neighbor or friend check in while your away to make sure that everything is in working order. Just a thought;)
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