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hey guys im new here and have just recently adopted a male veiled chameleon. today as i went to feed him he shot his tongue out at a cricket and his tongue wont go back in. he was previously not in good care and is sleeping during the day a lot. ive read that when this happens it is best to put them in a small container with a single ledge and moist paper towels but he has fallen asleep. help please
Welcome to the forum - sorry its for a health issue :(
here is a small bit of info on tongues in the health section of the forum

glad you rescued the little guy - also, it will help others to help you if you can fill this out-

and lastly - a care sheet -

I hope maybe you can find some info that may help , and maybe get your little one up and going - but you may also want to make a vet apt/ for your cham to see just how bad it is

best of luck -
thanks for the help little leaf. thats the care sheet i read before taking it in :) just wondering if anybody knew but what would the vet do exactly to treat this?
The tongue (obviously) can't be left hanging out. He can't eat like that...he'll bite his tongue if he tries....and he tongue will dry out. If he can't retract his tongue it will have to be you need to see a vet ASAP.
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