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I know that frams did have a pure clutch. There is an active member of a FB forum that got a male from them. He shows the high whites with more of the blues rather then the reds. He told me he was a pure nosy boraha. Unless they bred with another person that had a female to get the clutch.

I do wish they were more common though. I adore the high white. I like the Cap est. too but they are also a rarer locale to find.

This was the pic that got me! I started back tracing trying to find them in the US. last year. But his colors are like wow lol
Okay..... I'm in love :love:


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Thats what i thought ! I contacted him again last night and he said hes been trying to get a female to for a year now too ! He only had nose be x boraha hybrids "( it sounds tempting but i really want a pure nosy bora . i actually paired my nosy bora with one of my ambilobies because i wasnt having any luck finding a female ! She laid three cluches last year so i will have some hybrids soon !
That is interesting... I hate when people pass off hybrids as pure breds... It would explain why the male in the other forum is more blue then reds with the high white. He told me he was a pure. ugg. Sorry I did not realize.

congrats on the clutch! Should be beautiful!


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She was injured and the wild exotic vet in my area does longterm care. So became a place for her to send and care for them 90 percent of the time you release them back which is so cool .... all you need is a 50 dollar a year permit and pay for your own medications what city are you in
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