Chameleon Sick??


My Cham is about 6 months. He has stopped eating, not moving around much, barely drinking. He has a bump under his skin near the end of his back(spine) near where his tail starts. Recently he has started leaking a yellowy slimy substance out of his butt. It also appears his butt may be swollen and he hasn't been pooping or anything.... Help! I can't get to a vet until next week. Is there any meds I can give ? Could it be constipation? Are there any laxatives? I've already tried putting together for in warm bath. A little of the yellow stuff came out.


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There is absolutely nothing any of us can do to help a chameleon with an illness this advanced. He has been ill for some time. Your ONLY options are to get him to a vet like yesterday or put him out of his misery. I know that is not what you want to hear but it is the truth.


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Yeah youll have to check out a vet... but i gotta say that is a beautifully colored veild.. never seen one with those blues.... good luck hope all get well


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This chameleon will likely not make it. Needs vet attention now along with serious husbandry changes. Likely another "help!" Thread that we'll never get a response from.
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