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I am knee deep building/remodeling the chameleon room. My problem and something I could use some advice on would be what to cover the drywall with. Unfortunately paint is out of the question, even low VOC. I have 11 cages set up in the same area on a rack system that will be moved into the new room. I have a 28' x 40' space that I am rooming off into 12' x 14'.

I thought about wallpaper or contact paper. Another thought was to visit a hydroponics store to see what kind of "film" they have to cover the walls for indoor growing. I am looking for a clean look most likely white in color.
I had some unexpected time off and dove right in lol.
How about the plastic wall board they sell at Lowes? They have some that's light weight and water proof. I've never used it, but it looks like it might work.
I would imagine you could attach it to the studs with screws and washers, or even metal easy anchors if you end up in between studs.


Homedepot polyplastic board:

This seems like maybe the best idea so far lol. "No paint" knocks out a lot of options.
I did check those out and actually have used them for another project and they work great. They are a little expensive for this project. I forgot to mention that we are renting the house we are in for the next year so I don't want to put to much money into the project. When we find a place to buy the project there will be planned out much better ;-) Ill post some pics when Im done with this one. Im off to see what I can find ;-)
Oh, so this would be more temporary. Maybe visqueen tacked to the wall? Or if the walls are close enough for a shower tension rod, a shower curtain? Let us know what you find at the hydro store. I bet they have all kinds of cool stuff!
Will do. Its a temp set up but I still want it to be nice and functional :) lots of fun stuff at the hydro store :)
What about vapour barrier? It's a plastic they use inside of walls to keep moisture from getting to the drywall. It's pretty cheap, and widely available.
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