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I already made a post, but I was missing a lot of info and things got worse.
Chameleon info
My Chameleon is a "veiled chameleon", I thought it was a male but I've been told it a female so I guess she's female. I'm not sure how old she is and I've had her for about 1 month.
I don't handle her often
I feed her about 10 Crickets a day (from petsmart) and I give her waxworm as treats (not often).I feed her at about 10 and the at 5.
-The Crickets have "Flunker's Orange Cubes" and "Flunker's High-Calsium cricket diet"
-The calsium and Vitamins are both from zoo med, the calsium is "repti Calsium" and the vitamins are "reptivite". She gets Calsium Tuesday and Friday and Vitamins on Wednesdays.
-I mist her for 20-30 seconds every 6 hours. And I've seen her drink

-She has not been tested for parasites
-About 5 days ago her cage fell so I put her in a petsmart box I got when I bought her which had a wet paper (I wet it again with her water before putting her in) and holes for breathing, then put one of her plants (the ones for drinking). When I finished making the cage again it was in a different set-up and then I put her in

Cage Info
-Her cage is "16L 16W 30H" and it's a Screen cage.
-I use "Zoo Med Daylight Blue 60w" and "Zoo med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB mini compact fluorescent bulb" while the sun is out so usually from around 6:30 to 7:30 so 13 hours, and I have "Exo Terra Infared Basking Spot 50w" when the sun's out, so 11 hour.
-I measure the temperature with a humidity and temperature thermometer I think the lowest it's been during the night is 60 farenheit, and I during the day it's around 90 farenheit.
-The humidity is usually just below 95% and I use soil to keep the cage humid. And I use a humidity/temperature thermometer
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