Chameleon passed away


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Very very sadly, my Chameleon, Raul, passed away today. I am quite experienced with my care when it came to him. I had him for 4 years but he did go downhill very fast. He was always hydrated, always had the proper supplementation at the right times, his humidity levels were always adequate and I handled him only when needed. He lived a very proper life and I have to bury him when I get home from work tonight... but I want another Cham to enjoy the nice life like Raul did and was wondering if anybody reading this thread had any babies they were looking to send to the proper care takers! Would really appreciate the replies! Thanks!


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I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s terrible how they go downhill so fast. If you would like to fill out the health form we can see if it may have been something in your husbandry that you missed. What type of Cham are you looking to get? That would help people recommend a breeder
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