Chameleon not spending much time under UVB

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PTCham, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I wanted to know if it matters whether my cham is spending time beneath my fluorescent uvb or if the uvb spreads.

    I have a 75 watt basking lamp in the back and the fluorescent UVB is pretty much in the middle, but he seems to spend most his time closer to the back.
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    What kind of UVB bulb? Linear or compact (Spiral)?

    Generally compact UVB bulbs have a narrow cone of UVB radiation which is why linear UVB bulbs are recommended.

    The chameleon will get as much UVB as it needs when it feels it needs to. You shouldnt have to worry about the chameleon not spending enough time under the UVB bulb if you are supplementing D3 properly or taking the chamelon outside in natural sunlight often.
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  3. PTCham

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    Linear, but I'm glad to see that chameleons are able to know how much UVB they need.

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