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Hello! I gifted a baby veiled chameleons female to a lady and she is having problems with her laying her eggs. This is her first clutch so looking for a second opinion on what to do its been 6 days already with her digging and no eggs so far. This is a pic of her but her tank is covered with a towel now for privacy. I recommended her dampening soil and give her a laying bin. Any other advice?


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@kinyonga can give you some more scientific advise on the eggs but everything I am seeing is way wrong. Is there any way you can get her to fill this out so we can go over all of it at once? If we dont get this fixed she will not make it very long.

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A: that is coconut husk, not soil. The chameleon needs to have damp soil to dig a tunnel in. Coconut fibers do not hold.
B: chameleons are arboreal, meaning they live in trees. They do not live on the ground. The enclosure needs plants, tall "trees", and branches to climb. She is likely very uncomfortable living in that tank.

Here is an example of my enclosures:


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How old is she? She may be digging to try and escape or out of frustration with an inadequate enclosure. This is how I ended up with one of my girls....she was at a Petco digging in the mud for at least 2 days. I didn’t know then that she wasn’t trying to lay eggs. She was just hating her environment.


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Can you post a couple more photos of her from the last couple of days please? Photos of the whole cage including the lights please?

Did the person make up a proper egglaying bin with washed playsand that is just moist enough to hold a tunnel and put it in her cage?

How is she getting UVB light with the highest place she can sit so far away from the top of the cage?
What supplements. Are being used no how often for each?
How old is she approximately?
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