Chameleon not eating?


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Hi, i have a year n a half old Jackson chameleon male. He is still drinking fine, still is active and climbs around his cage. I use a feeder cup as well as releasing the insects in his cage. I mist him for 10-15 mins with warm water twice a day. The insects I've tried with him were crickets, super worms and dubias. He stopped eating all of them. (I've only seen him eat a dubia once or twice) He does not look like he is losing any weight, and I think I see poop sometimes, but he doesn't wat what I leave for him. I will leave some pics when I get home.

I do have him in a 5 foot screened cage on a ficus, using both a floro light and a regular 65 watt bulb. If I decide to handle him he is still very active (He allows me to handle him from time to time long as I am very gentle)
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