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My juvenile chameleon isnt eating enough of his bugs. At first I thought it was hunger strike so I searched for a website for silkworms and hornworms. When they first arrived I tried the hornworms first he ate one that day and didnt try the silkworms or anymore hornworms. What could be the problem?
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My juvenile chameleon has been in my care for about 6 months he is a blue bar ambilobe panther chameleon. I usually handle him about 10 to 30 minutes a day. I feed him mealworms wax worms and crickets but he seemed to stop eating each worm after a while until he just started eating mealworms then he quit them so I got him hornworms and silkworms he ate one hornworm and no more now hes only eating mealworms. Usually he eats only about 3 mealworms a day sometimes he wont eat, his schedule is usually at night but sometimes during the evenings on week days. I mist him with a spray bottle and I have a dripper I mist him about 5 times a day. He hasn't been tested for parasites and when he poops its usually quite large and has a whitish tint to it and kinda slimy. His cage size is about 3' by 20". We have herptivite multivitamins and herptivite calcium which we give 3 times a week for calcium and 2 times a week for calcium and multivitamins. We took him to the vets about 2 days ago and the vet checked his lungs and heart and weighed him. He said that his mouth was soft and he gave us liquid calcium. He also wanted us to check the temperatures at the top and at the bottom the temperature in the middle is about 80-85 degrees so I put up another heat lamp and replaced a regular incandescent with a heat bulb just to be sure. He has a reptiglo UVB bulb and I am not sure on the name of the heat bulb but im thinking it was also a reptiglo heatbulb,the heatbulb is 60 watts UVB bulb is 15 watts. Sometimes I see him drinking the water in his cage, he also drinks a drop or a few drops of water off of the spray bottle. Today his left eye was watering and the night we brought him home he didn't eat and the next day he wouldn't eat but today he ate 2 mealworms so far. He also seemed to have dry poop that would occasionally come out of his bottom but would go back in, and I believed to see a sperm plug come out as well.
One of your problems could be feeding at night. When your lights go out he will loose heat required to digest what he has eaten. Best to feed morning to early afternoon. You say your temps in the middle of your viv is 80-85. What is the temp in the basking area? Your supplements should be plain calcium without d3 daily and calcium with d3 twice a month and a multivitamin twice a month.:)
So I give him calcium with D3 and calcium without D3? I thought that you only gave him calcium with D3 was if he lived outside
No, it is the other way around. If they live outside, they get D3 from the sun so you do not need to give them artificial d3 And yes, calcium without d3 at every or most feedings..
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