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So, it's summer and my kids don't want to do anything but play on the computer. I thought they needed an art project. I found these wooden jewelry boxes that were screaming for a mosaic lid. We found a bag of abalone pieces and got to work.

I decided to do a tribute to my Ambanja, Garbonzo, son of Dr. Gonzo who had just passed:(

My kids are working on a dragon and a blue morpho butterfly.

Thought you guys would appreciate it. Still looking for green to do some leaves.


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That's cool! I make pictures out of bottle caps and plan to make a chameleon once I finish school. Just too busy w work and school.

Your mosaic turned out really good.


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That is a lovely mosaic. You are so very talented. I bet the kids are having fun also. I had a Dr gonzo boy, but I sold him to Chuck G.


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I love it! You and the kids did a great job. Garbonzo was a handsome boy. I am sorry to hear that you lost him.
I love that your kids did this. As a teacher I can tell you that most kids drop a few reading levels over the summer because they aren't using their brains at all. This kind of stuff is so much better than tv and video games:)


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Thanks. The whole point for the kids was to be time consuming and have a work of art when done. I got a little carried away:rolleyes:but am happy with my results. Now to find green for some leaves.

Thanks for the condolences, Garbonzo was a great chameleon and I miss him.


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Updated photos on the finished mosaics.
I found some green and added a ficus leaf. I found the shell pieces and wooden boxes at Joann's.
My 15 year old did the dragon, thinking about adding a tail inside the jewelry box. And my 11 year old did the butterfly.


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Wow, all 3 look fantastic, and much better than anything I could create. And, though it's been said, kudos to you on the great parenting and getting your kids interested in a craft project! :D
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