Chameleon life expectency data - Want to contribute?


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I am curious about people's real-world experiences with life expectancies for Jackson's chameleons. I have read in various places that anywhere from 5 to 10 years is typical, but this is a huge range and seems...unlikely. I would like to hear from actual keepers about their personal experiences.

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Unknown is a perfectly acceptable answer. Rounding to the year is fine. Feel free to PM me if you would rather not post publicly. I won't share personal responses or information that might identify a cham or its owner.

Please no "I heard about this guy's cousin's girlfriend who had a cham for like 20 years" kind of answers :)

Yes, husbandry, genetics, and luck all play a roll, but a quick poll of past experience should give some interesting data. I looked through the forums and found some anecdotal information and discussions on general life spans, but nothing based on data provided by the group.

If I get enough feedback, I actually wouldn't mind collecting life expectancy data for various species and developing bell curves to share with the forum, so feel free to share other species, too. There's nothing more that I love than a good graph :D
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