chameleon laying eggs while on vines??


I watched a video the other day and a chameleon was just wandering around on the vines laying its eggs!! is this normal? Ive never seen this before surely the eggs wont be ok? And i could see a laying bin i dont understand why it didnt use that to lay in i just dont understand lol although one of my bearded dragons just sat on her cactus while eggs were popping out but i thought chameleons were abit more private in that way suppose not:confused:
Sorry about sadie:( but do you think its got anything todo with the way she layed the eggs that shes sick now? Your vet says this is a common thing? Hmmm thats strange i thought it was realy odd were your eggs fertile?
Do you have a proper laying bin in the cage? Could mean that she's holding it in and some are falling out out. Just speculation and it happened to me the first time my girl laid. Once the bin was in she dug and laid a bunch of eggs.
It is not my chameleon i watched a video and was just curious yes there was a laying bin in the enclosure i did write all of this on my first post but you obviously haven't read it properly lol
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