Chameleon just gave birth to 10 still born babies


Well i have a pregnant jacksons chameleon. She has been pregnant since the day i got her. I have had her for about 4-5 months and got her at the age of 9-12 months from FLChams. It always shocked me how young she was and that she was pregnant it seemed odd. i have a male and was planning on breeding in the future but realized that she was already pregnant. Well anyway i come home to my house and when i went up to check on my Chams i realizd that there was 10 babies on the cage bottom. They were all for sure dead. Some of them were dried up or deformed. I don't quite know why this happend. Could any of you give me any ideas on why this happend. All responses are greatly appreciated.
I don't know much about Jackson chameleons but I would say 4-5months old And being pregnant is way to young and the young age alone could cause still born babies. If I was you I would get a nice variety of feeder insects for your Jackson female she's going to need them: silks, butters & horns to help fatten her up would be ideal maybe you could post pictures of the female, how is she looking after everything? For sure if you plan on breeding her in future wait until she is at least a year old.. Iam sure more People on here can help u with anymore Jackson questions you have, lots of experienced breeders on these forums..
i have had her for 4-5 months she is probably some what over a year know i bought her at about 9-12 months and i personaly did not breed her myself but as i said she looks young but seems to be greatly recovering.
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