Chameleon is brown most of day


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Hey everyone. I have a 3 month old male veiled chameleon and ever since I owned him, he’s always brown during the day and green when he sleeps. Some days he green but most of the times hes brown and seems mad. I know that they tend to turn darker to absorb more heat but the temp is always at the recommended 78-80 degree range. Just wanna see if you guys had any idea why he’s not green more often. He seems happy, he eats a lot and moves around his cage and also loves coming out to explore. I just put him in his new cage a week ago. Its 4’x2.5’x2.5’ and I have a linear T5HO reptisun UVB bulb and a 75 watt heat lamp that gives of about 78-84 degrees depending of how far I put it from the top of cage. He gets misted 2-3 times a day and eats crickets that are dusted with calcium. I tried feeding him silkworms but he doesn’t seem interested. I will order different bugs and give that a try. Just curious to see if you guys have any advice. I’m thinking of taking him to the vet for a check up regardless to get some more info. Thanks in advanced.


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Is that a Colored light you have in the fixture?
Is he green if you take him out if he cage?
It’s a blue light one. I heard regular house lights were better but totally forgot to get one. When he comes out he sometimes turn green but again usually stays brown.


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Coloured lights are not recommended...chameleons see colors differently than we do. It might be the problem...but you won't know until you remove it.
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