Chameleon in the window


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My 4 month old Fischer's favorite place in his cage is right next to the window, and its not like hes trying to escape because he just sits on his little perch by the window and looks out at about the same time every day for an hour or so, even when the window is closed. I was worried he would be stressed out by the horses that come by the window but he doesn't move away or turn brown, they don't seem to faze him. usually when hes sitting there he turns the coolest colors Ive seen him turn, he turns bright green, light brown and purple with white spots all at once. Im not worried about him or anything, just wondering what the behavior means. Does anyone else have a cham that does this?


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I would say those colors mean "on guard" more than happy...if you're talking about a multi fischer's.


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I have a veiled who does the same thing. He'll look out the window every day for awhile, but his color usually doesn't change much. He's free ranged, with a couple vines hanging across the top of the window. I live in Indiana and temps are unbelievable cold, so the window is cool. He isn't trying to bask or anything, he just likes to look out. I can't wait for summer so I can open the window and let him get a little warmth and natural light. I'm sure he can't wait either ;)
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