Chameleon in the mirror

hes a big boy struttin his stuff isnt gonna hurt him he would encounter other chams in the wild from time to time its not something i do on a regular basis or anything i usually don't mess with him at all he is rather aggressive .. actually the most aggressive out of every cham i have
No he is not a sambava hes is a purple bar ambanja

listen im no expert but where did you get him from. the green background that your cham has, idont think is common or even known to be in the ambanja colors range. He mite be ambilobe, or a cross. Though im no expert and can be wrong.

again he is awsome looking nonetheless
Does he ever try to smack the mirror with his head if he gets too close? I've always wondered if they do that. None of mine get upset over mirrors.
he surely is purple bar, looks a lot like my purple bar ambilobe even. who is the breeder? id love to see his sire for sure.
so i contacted the breeder and showed him photos of his all grown up boy and his reply was that a mistake had been made and skeltah is in deed an ambilobe. so thanks for the replies about him.
who is the breeder though? if i can get a female from him i wouldnt have to sell my boy purple bar ambilobe! help!:D
He sure is a handsome boy!

None of my guys care less about the mirrors :eek:

My ambilobe just turn a year and 3 months, and I want to get some picture of him fired up. I had my friend photographer come over and we put him in front of a mirror and he just looked at it. No crazy red beard, no mantis from arms, nothing. He is too chill, or too smart I'm not sure which. None the less we decided to take pictures of him eating instead which did turn out pretty awesome.
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