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Hello everyone,
I have a question, I have a panther chameleon and he will be 7 months old on the 15th, right now he's in a screen cage that's 20x18x12, I also have a larger cage that's 36x24x24. Now I would like to put Hydro into the larger cage, my problem is he won't let me touch him he puffs up and opens his mouth like he's going to bite :eek: I don't know how much bigger he will get and if I should move him into the larger cage :confused: and if I need to move him how would you suggest I do that? Any help would be appreciated.
When I try to move my cham and he's really pissed off. I use a small perching branch and put it in front of him. Then with my other hand, I approach from the other side and hopefully he will go onto the branch.
I would most definatley move him into a bigger cage. Also, when you try getting him out, try coarsing him onto a stick and taking the stick out of the cage. Or use two stick and corner him, it is neccissary to get him into a bigger cage!

You should be able to get him on your hand. Make your movements slow and deliberate... do not be tentative, as this only stresses you and your cham. Be prepared for a bite or two, it goes with the territory. Once your cham has been handled several times and knows what to expect.. it will settle down.

If that is too much drama, then try the stick. Something like a drumstick, with the varnish sanded off, makes a good sturdy perch.
Thank you for your suggestions, I'll try the stick and see if he would climb on it and put him in the larger cage. I'm afraid to put my hand for him to climb on it because if he bites me I know that I will scream :eek: :eek:
Open the doors on both cages and place them together so the openings are together and maybe he will climb into the new cage on his own.

I will try that better, I don't want to stress him out with trying to get him to go a stick or putting my hand in his cage. Thanks for the idea. When I do put him into the larger cage will he have a hard time trying to get the crickets? he will have a larger area to roam and explore his new surroundings. I understand that the has to be higer so that he looks down at me? if that's the case I would need a folding table to set the cage on. Are hybiscus plants good to put in his new house? I already a have the pothos plant, fake vines and other fake plants in there, another questions what are the best lights? do I get the tube I already have the bulbs that I'm currently using.
One of my clients suggested this to me and I really don't do it any other way now-

I have medium thicknes cotton knit gloves. It is soft enough not to mess with the nails. It also does not hurt if they bite because it really cushions the blow. Also, the cotton kind of slides easily, so often if Manga goes to bite he just gets a big mouthful of cushie-cotton material (doesn't hurt teeth).

Go slow and deliberate.
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