chameleon health questions


I am new to having a chameleon. Mine is a young male veiled. I have been reading aplenty about them. I know not everyone is the same. I have been looking into illness and stress. Now, I believe him to be happy and healthy. He is relatively active, and consumes his food with great enthusiasm. No mucus, no dripping from his mouth, no audible respiratory problms. However I have been told that he should get irritated and hiss if he is healthy. He doesn't do this at all. Everything about him seems to be fine except this. I'm curious if there is actually something wrong or if he is just one chill cham. I have him in a fair setup as far as his living situation, so I don't believe that to be problematic. He really doesn't seem to get stressed much.
Not all chams get hissy.

if hes young, he just probably hasn't developed his 'angry towards the world' side of his personality yet.


veileds tend to hit 'puberty' around 5-6 months and this is roughly when they begin to develop their angry side.

Some are just too "mellow" to hiss. Count yourself lucky if you have one!

If you would like us to check on other things please a answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread in the health forum. It wouldn't hurt! :)
Thanks. I wasn't sure, but your input makes me feel much better about the lack of hissing. I sure hope he is happy go lucky always
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