Chameleon gave me a "kiss"


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My veiled named Cornelius shot his tongue out and "kissed" me on the nose today. The only instance I found on this was from a forum post in 2007. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what he was trying to communicate to me?

I was trying to feed him some insectivore care that the vet recommended I give him if he loses weight. I weigh him every week and keep a log. This week he dropped from 74.7g to 72.3g so I'm trying to bulk him up with a little bit of insectivore care every night before bed. He should be gaining ~5g a week. It is very challenging to make him gape so I can squirt the liquid into his mouth. The vet told me to hold his veil and pull down on his beard to open his mouth but that is very difficult and I think that's cruel so I just hold him until he gapes to tell me he is ready to go back to the enclosure. Tonight he was being very stubborn so I had to hold him for a while, he wasn't stressed and just chilled on my hand for a while. Then he started to open his mouth so I got the syringe ready and he shot his tongue at my nose. Very cool experience. Does anyone have any insight into what that means. Also does anyone have any tips on how to get his mouth open without upsetting him.


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Why don’t you try feeding him some fattening worms such as silkworms, hormworms and superworms.



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I guess if there was a human forum his thread title would be "my human kissed me".. haahaa

That is the definition of::: Muah Muah (y)
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