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    Hi this is just a forum on the discussion of right now i use a staple diet of mealworms for my veiled cham, im not here to get a ton of people to give me advice to switch that but my cham is about 5 months old and i was just wondering as i do plan to switch to crickets how often and how many mealworms, and crickets should i be feeding him? Currently i feed 8 mealworms everyday. Thanks.
  2. JoshD49

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    Please take a look at the car sheet for veiled chameleons.

    Should be 0 mealworms and about 10-12 crickets a day. Preferably feed in the morning so they can soak UVB to help digest the rest of the day.
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    I doubt you will find a care sheet encouraging you to feed any meal worms at all, or a serious chameleon keeper who will turn a blind eye on you feeding only meal worms! They are a bad ideal and all the serious chameleon keepers here will be tempted to attack you for even using it at all as a feeder. I personally feel that they are probably OK to feed once in a blue moon but only to feed one at a time.
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    Mealworms should rarely be offered, if you are referring to super worms, they are better, but not good enough to be a staple.
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    First, i hope you mean superworms. That mistake is often made. Second, aupers should be no more than say 25% of the chams diet. No 1 insect should be more than about 60%. Start mixing crickets, roaches, black soldier flies in now and hope he will take them.
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    Best answer I could give is to vary the diet as much as you can! Yes, mealworms are not a great feeder choice, but the more variety the better for your chameleon. At 5 months old I would still be offering more food than that unless there was a weight issue. My guy is 5 months right now and I am feeding him at least 8 large crickets, some black soldier flies, a couple hornworms and I tried superworms but he looks at me like "You expect me to eat that?!?" :D I will likely slow down the feeders at about 8 months or so, but time will tell.
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    Love this comment, always nice to meet a fellow smart-a**!
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    Hahaha. Didn't want to upset the person but they didn't want to hear me say not to feed them so I didn't outwardly say not to just said what the recommended amount is.
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