Chameleon egg bound!


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Hello! My 10 month old veiled chameleon recently started laying eggs. She laid one last night and has been in her egg laying bin for almost 5 hours. She just keeps digging around, however I don’t know how well her tunnels are staying because I am using plain eco-earth. Does anyone know what I should do? How long does it normally take them to dig a tunnel and how long before I need to worry she may be keeping the eggs inside her? Thank you.


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leave her alone til tomorrow, if she sees you she'll think youre a predator and hold in her eggs causing her to become egg bound, send us an update tomorrow and then we'll go from there


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It might take her awhile to find an area she like and if you keep bugging her she will never find a spot. My female took a total of 48 hours beginning to end. From looking at the laying bin, to walking around, to digging, to laying, to coving it back up and then finally coming up for water and food. Be ready to mist her as long as she will drink, could be for 10 minutes, and high rich calcium feeders like BSFL and silkworms. If you have more questions I can plz ask.


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If she’s already dropping single eggs you are way late. I’m not a fan of ecoearth in lay bins, especially if there isn’t any sand mixed in. It just doesn’t hold a tunnel. I strongly suggest getting her some moist sand ASAP. Don’t sweat disturbing her at this point because not fixing this this late in the game is pretty much a death sentence.


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Set up a new bin. When she leaves the old bin that is currently in the cage, swap it out for the new one with the proper play sand/organic soil mix.

Eco-earth is just shredded coconut husk fibers and will not hold a tunnel. If you soak eco earth it becomes rock hard as it dries and will be hard for a chameleon to dig through.


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So for @jannb laying trash can laying method I modified it just a little. I put potting soil and play sand (50/50) in a storage bin, mixed it all together (my arms loved the workout) took the fails bottom out of the cage and placed my cage on top of the bin. This worked out great for me
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