Chameleon cuisine

Okay guys I have a couple of questions that I hope you could help with.

I know all the things i can feed my Ambilobe's, but had a question about where to get good quality cham cuisine.

Should I breed my own crickets? Is it hard? I heard they smelled. lol

Also whats a good site to get good worms, and how many should i order, and what to keep them in.

I currently have 1000 3/4 size crickets, but they are to big for my chameleons to eat yet. Could I start a colony with that?

Thanks in advance :)

You can start a colony with 1000 crix for sure. Breeding crickets is not a big deal if you have the right temperatures and the space for them. Provide them food, and vater and some layig bins. Good luck! :)
Check the site sponsors and in the classifieds for some good deals on all types of feeders. Keeping a few different types of feeders on hand is a good idea just incase your cham gets picky and decides " i dont feel like crickets today" crickets are good staple feeder so maybe get some snacks for the little guy, like some butterworm or hornworms
I get all my worms from Mulberry Farms. Good deals, and you can specify what size feeders you need on the order form. This time of year I'd advise adding a heat pack to your order. I got the package deal last week, 2 cups of horns, 2 cups of silks and a heat pack delivered for like 40.00 bux.
Crickets aren't worth the trouble. They smell really bad, they have short lives, and you can get them shipped to you cheap.

Dubias on the other-hand are easy to breed, they have next to no smell, breed very easily, don't make any noise, Live long lives, get to be 1.5 inches, and don't climb or fly.

As for worms there are lots of places Mulberry Farms is a good start.
Scratch the 1000 crickets guys. I guess some of them managed to escape from the box they came in and wound up all over our place. my little bro put them outside. So now I have cricket icecles. :/.
I didnt get the chance to get them a plastic tub because of the crappy weather we've been having in North Texas. Ahhhh!
Thanks for the site Texas Panther, I'll be sure to get some of those.
I aslo feel like crickets arent worth it, so maybe Ill breed my own worms. Thanks for the link Ricardo!
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