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    Hello my name is Darla I'm new here. My daughter is wanting to get a chameleon and we wanted to get a panther not sure what kind. Do they really change colors with their surroundings? She was wanting to study their color changing abilities for a science experiment and I've always wanted one. If they do change with surroundings which one would be best to buy. the experiment wouldn't be til next year but we wanted to get one now to raise for next year. Any ideas?
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    Hi Darla, welcome to the forum. :)
    No, chameleons don't change color to match their surroundings. Their color relates to mood, health, and temperature. For example, a chameleon trying to warm up in a basking spot might turn darker than when he's already warm. My chameleons turn almost black when they're frightened. My little guy turns light colors and bright green when he's hunting, but they don't turn colors to match their surroundings.
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    Like melissa had stated they dont camo themselves. You should take a look at these care sheets to really see how much work goes into caring for a Chameleon. The Panther care sheet

    And the Veiled care sheet

    This is a great forum and the best place to learn about chameleons if you are up to it. This can also be a very expensive habit, and many people dont understand that in the beginning. When I first started I easily droped almost a grand for the cage, cage stand, plants, chameleon, misting system (Heck yeah Mistking), and lighting(Light you reptiles is the best). But take a look around and read up there is plenty of stuff to read, and never stop because you can always learn here on chameleon forums. Good luck and welcome:D
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    Having your daughter track color changes based on what makes them change colors would be an awesome project though. You could track color changes basking vs the cooler areas of the cage, indoor lighting vs outdoor sun, relaxed vs hunting or "grouchy" mode...:) I got into chameleons through my son wanting one- it was a great thing to bond with and years later I still have chams. We were newbies but did the research together and learned as we went along. They are a lot of trouble and can be expensive but I say go for it! :D
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    chameleon project

    Thanks for the information. After I posted earlier I got to lookin around the site and found some good information about the color changing and I think your right it would be good to study their changing naturally. We like the panthers. Would they be a good kind to get. Is their a big difference with male and female on being calmer or easier to tame and what is a good age to start with. Is 4 or 5 mos to young?
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    For first time owners, we recommend males because females can lay eggs even when not bred.

    also the males have the colors for what you want.

    A responsible breeder will never sell a cham younger than 3 months old.
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    You would definitely get more data for the study out of a male. They all have their own little personalities, but I don't think you need to worry about PMS w/ chameleons though. 4-5 months isn't to young necessarily. There are numerous reputable breeders here, and they'll sometimes be ready for re-homing even prior to that.
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    Are the panther chameleons aggressive towards people. Or could that be just an individual personality difference. I'd want one who wouldn't be mean.
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    It's individual personality they say. I treat all my guys with kindness, love and respect and never had a mean (scared one). They are usually scared, not mean. You could always get a little older one, not a baby, that's already nice. :)

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