Chameleon care guide by Robert Jones


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Anyone ever checked this out? Couldn’t really locate any credentials or background on the author, only searched briefly. I enjoy looking at and comparing other care guides to our own, but not enough to spend $16 on it! Lol

The message at the very bottom of the page makes me think this guy may actually have some credibility...


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Robert Jones is a fake name for some person who gathered information off the internet, threw it into an ebook, and proceeded to try and get some money. He followed a typical internet get rich template. You’ll notice the high pressure sales tactics on his page. He has also done the exact same thing with the same template with crested geckos and I wouldn’t be surprised if he added other popular species as well. In the years that he has done this he has tried every tactic possible including getting affiliates to go on Facebook and say they found this wonderful book to, this year, he hired some company to make multiple accounts ad nauseum on Instagram that steal photos from me and Kammerflage Kreations. (hmmm, an expert that has no photos and has to steal from others?)
Both Chris Anderson and I have seen the manuscript and can confirm this person just crammed together what they found on the internet and added drama to it (your chameleon will DIE if you do this...)
Not worth it at all and this person is just someone trying to make money off of people who don’t know better.


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There are quite a few of these books out there. One book that Chris found literally quotes word for word content from here on the forums and yet claims to have the rights to all content.
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