Chameleon burnt crest


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I did use Manuka honey topically and it heal fast and perfectly but silver cream good too :) make yourself sure to clean the wound 1 time a day or every two day an to keep terrarium more clean than usual and to crash your hand before handling. All you have to do now it prevent any bacteria introduction, meeting and.. proliferation because its an open door to your chameleon


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I got my silver sulfadiazine from the vet, but I believe you can get it from a drugstore/over the counter.. for Manuka Honey I got it on amazon.

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Manuka honey can be found in LOTS of stores, especially "health food" stores. Sometimes it's with the honey, sometimes in the pharmacy area. I got some on sale at a place called "Sprouts" when they first opened. Walgreens may even carry it?

It's also available online in many places, just be sure to read the description and be sure of what you're getting!

Best of luck.
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