Chameleon Addiction, a serious condition.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OldChamKeeper, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. OldChamKeeper

    OldChamKeeper Chameleon Enthusiast

    ** A false name was added for the protection of the recovering addict. **
  2. OldChamKeeper

    OldChamKeeper Chameleon Enthusiast

    The professional advertisement above was much more tasteful compared to the one I originally designed below

  3. Virgil1972

    Virgil1972 Avid Member

    You need to add some bloodshot eyes
  4. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    You have too much free time on your hands! You need more chams!
  5. trickedoutbiker

    trickedoutbiker Avid Member

    You need to slap a pic of my boy on one of those posters. Relates totally to my most recent thread. My panther cham is a perfect spokesman for this right now lol.
  6. Nursemaia

    Nursemaia Chameleon Enthusiast

    If you don't talk to your chams about superworms, who will?
  7. Decadancin

    Decadancin Moderatoris Americanus
    Staff Member

    I have a totally different version of chameleon addiction :D.
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  8. CharlieCharmingo

    CharlieCharmingo Avid Member

    I feel as if more chams would be less likely to be hooked on the superworms, if schools were more willing to talk about it in the classrooms.
  9. Dave Bolamperti

    Dave Bolamperti Avid Member

    I need some really bad, can you front me till payday
  10. bobcochran

    bobcochran Chameleon Enthusiast

    I've got a lot of super worms-first one is free!
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  11. JacksJill

    JacksJill Chameleon Enthusiast

    Just say No to superworms!
  12. OldChamKeeper

    OldChamKeeper Chameleon Enthusiast

    They'll cut you if you don't pay em back...
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  13. CharlieCharmingo

    CharlieCharmingo Avid Member

    Depends...what are you looking for, small, medium, or large. I've got a whole bunch in my "trunk" if you want to take a gander.
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  14. Dave Bolamperti

    Dave Bolamperti Avid Member

    I got the shakes now, I can't wait any longer Please please give me some. I have to have a taste
  15. Dave Bolamperti

    Dave Bolamperti Avid Member

    Where can we meet
    Behind the Quicky mart in like 5 minutes
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  16. OldChamKeeper

    OldChamKeeper Chameleon Enthusiast

    Man, your Cham sounds F#####! Don't buy em from Petsdumb anymore.....
  17. jamest0o0

    jamest0o0 Chameleon Enthusiast

    First of all this thread, lmao. "Can you just front me till pay day" haha.

    Anytime i offer my guy a roach he gives me a look like i just snuck him the snicklefritz.
  18. CharlieCharmingo

    CharlieCharmingo Avid Member

    Yea man but be cool. Don't draw any attention to yourself.
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  19. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    I know that addict - he is not recovering!!!
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  20. Nursemaia

    Nursemaia Chameleon Enthusiast

    At least he's a superworm addict and not one of those mealworm addicts
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