chameleon acting weird


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I just movied my chameleon to his new cage. I was just wondering what it means when they shake. Is he just adjusting to his new cage? also sometimes he has his mouth open like he is panting like a dog. He started doing this right after i misted his cage. Thanks for any help.
How old is the cham? And what kind of cage? I'm not sure on the shaking but the mouth open usually means they are to hot
if they move back and forth like they are dancing, it can mean they are telling you that, that is their tree. basically signifying territory. he also could see something in the cage he is taking as a threat. i remember i got a new fake vine and my chameleon literally attacked it and hissed at it until i removed it. just my thoughts.

Mouth opened means they are usually hot, unless he is hissing. check your temps.
Do you have a digital thermometer to check you temps and humidity? what type of lighting are you using?
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