Cham wont go on New vine in cage


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I put a few new vines in my veiled chams cage today and he won't go on them. I I put a vine across the corner in the top of the cage to give him a good spot to bask. Ever since I put it in there he won't grab it and is avoiding having to use it to climb. He seems almost afraid of the vine branch. Should I get rid of it or will he just take a little while to build confidence in using it.


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I would say leave it for at least a few days. He might just need to get used to a new element in his cage. He should get on it soon.
Sometimes they wont use anything new in the cage (especially branches. Maybe they look like snakes or something?) For some, it helps if you put new decorations/plants in when they chameleon isn't there. Others just take a while to get used to them. You can try taking him out for a few minutes and putting him back to see if it helps any.
My cham did that when I added a branch or two. Wouldn't even touch it. He just hissed at it, probably thought it was going to hurt him.

They don't necessarily like new things either. So just leave it in there for a few days maybe a week and you'll see him on it.
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