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Well . my cham seems to be healthy and all . he is about... 4 months or so... but from time to time he seems to have trouble gettin around... is this normal? like yesterday he fell from the top when tryin to get around... my thought is that he's just young... like a baby... they fall sometimes...

he is pretty good though... in a way.. like... he'll get up on only his hind legs stretch out to catch a cricket that's in the corner of the cage... i think that's pretty sweet . i want to get a pic of that when it's in action but i dont have a camera :(
i dont know about the clumsieness. but u should moniter him from that fall. did he fall pretty far down? does he have any trouble uasing his legs at all?
lol.. no... he sat there for a minute... getting his marbles back in placed then climbed back up to the same place and tried it again... and he was successful this time!

it could be because the branches are not really close so he has to stretch...
I was told by the person that I bought it from... they have specialists in there to make sure you stretch things out so he will get good climbing skills so... that's what I did... and to have different size branches as well .

on a side note . i think it's pretty sweet that he always goes to the same place to go to sleep . like he knows where his bed is... lol
lol, one time stuey slept on the floor of the cage idk y but it was really cute he was all curled up.
He should be able to climb up onto a branch with only his front legs and he should be able to hold himself up just standing on his back feet. When he walks on your arm he should be able to walk with his body pushed up away from your arm and not have his belly or head resting on you. These are signs of strength. He should have nice clean 90 degree angles at his joints ...not rounded. This could be a sign of MBD,...metabolic bone disorder...lack of calcium. In some cases giving too much calcium has caused a muscle weakness. You most likely dont have these problems but these are things to look out for as your chameleon is growing up.
he walks fine... not worried about that... and usually can get around . 95% of the time . just the odd time he decides he wants to jump form the top of the cage
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