Cham Vet in NE Ohio


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New to forums in general...Looking for a good cham vet in my area before I purchase a panther. Can anyone make a recommendation? I appreciate your help and enjoy reading all the threads - thanks!


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Send a pm to Little Leaf, she is in ohio and has taken a number of her to a cham vet. Where exactly are you located?

little leaf

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this is who I use- Dr. Tim was a Zoo vet for many years, so he has just about seen it all- he is very reserved on " going overboard" as far as running un-needed test and things, but IF it is needed he will do it- and he is so funny - and he works fast, so the chams is not stressed - I just love him :D
I am not sure exactly where you are, but I highly recommend him.

he has treated all my chams, they also have coupons on the website, and if you belong to a herp club, they give you 15% ( I think it is 15% ) off your check ups , I never really read my bill- LOL I take like 7 chams at a time, so I just dont look :p
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