Cham touches everything with tongue?

Riktor Scale

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I haven't seen anything on here about this, or can't seem to find it. Why does he do this? He's always done it since a baby and I just kind of laugh. He takes just the tip of his tongue which actually is split like a snake tongue and just taps where he is. Sorta like this :p lol Is this just a "feel for the area" kind of thing? Just wondering what the instinct is behind this. :p


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They sometimes do it as a form of marking territory/ smelling another cham. if you put a cham in another cage he/she will probly do it. :D its like dogs scenting terriory. idk if they would need to feel out of something as they have amazing eyesight. also ive never heard of a cham tasting something by sticking out his tounge.

Miss Lily

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Awww, my little Carpet cham does it too, and the end of his tongue is a little forked too. I think it looks so cute when he does it! :D Not sure if its a Furcifer thing because I have never saw any of my 3 Veileds do it, and nor does my Jackson.


Yep, Aesop is a habitual licker too. I'm not sure whats up with it, but I've heard the territory thing a few times. He seems to do it when he's trying to make up his mind about something.
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