cham staying on roof of enclosure?


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so today i bought my first chameleon. hes a jacksons and i had everything ready for him when i brought him home. when i put him in his enclosure he climbed around on some of the fake vines i have inside his enclosure but after about 15 minutes he went and started hanging upside down on the top of the enclosure by the lights. i took some readings of the temp all throughout the enclosure and the basking spot its around 77 degrees and about 65 towards the bottom. i know it needs to be warmer and i plan on going and getting a new basking bulb tonight.

my question is, is this why he is clinging to the top? i have some vines that go about 5 to 6 inches away from the lights but hes just hanging on the top and wont go back down. i tried moving him lower to the cage to see if he would maybe explore some more but he did the same thing, hug out for about 15 minutes and then went straight up to the top.

any help?
hes about 5 or 6 inches long so hes pretty young. the cage is 22x22x42. i think he may being doing it for no reason. i moved some stuff around to make a branch higher and he went straight onto it and started climbing around.
The baby chams love hanging upside down directly under the light, but if your light is directly on the screen, he can burn himself doing this. One of the other members said they put tape around the cage at the top right where the 4 sides meet the top. The tape is slippery and he can't grip it to get up to the top. This seemed to be the easiest cheapest method to keep the babies safe from burns :)
thanks guys. he has gone back down into the lower part of the cage. my lights are suspended off the top of the cage so he shouldnt burn himself. hopefully ill have pics up soon.
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