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Herbie is so much smarter than I give him credit for.

A month ago he was out side and he found a way to get out of his cage :eek: I'm still not sure how he did it. He's a little escape artist. We looked every where for him and found him hiding in the box woods by the deck. Thank God. we have a big yard so I was pretty freaked out.

Yesterday he got out of his cage and was scaling the side of the cage looking for a way to get down. I helped him out so he wouldn't crack his noggen. :p

After he reaked havick on the dog for a bit and chased her out of the living room, Mike and I went outside to smoke. We came back and Herbie was gone.

Apperently he made it to the kitchen pushed open the screen door and high tailed it to the box woods on the other side of the deck, eather that or he caught a ride with the cat. :eek:

Knowing Herbie I believe I was his plan from the moment he woke up to get to the tree he loves so much outside. :)
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Great story :D

Herbie sure does have a lot of character. I am not sure what kind of dog you have, but I picture in my head an adult male veiled chasing a small wiener dog throughout the house. I literally laugh out loud each time.

I had a veiled once that always tried to get out of his cage to visit a nearby house plant. I think he would press his nose against the door and slide out. I had to install a couple extra latches.
Ha Ha, Wiener Dog now that's funny :p
No Herbie thinks he's a big shot. Sadie is a 50lb black lab mix.She is such a wimp though so I works out. Not to be crude but Sadie litteritly jumps ten feet in the air and then runs from her own farts. :D

The second latch is a good idea. I hate the cage Herbie has right now. It's so small. It's your standard cham cage. Some times he just looks board out of his mind. I want something a lot bigger. I feel that nothing coulld be big enough though. I guess I have a real problem with caging animals.
I would like to have something for inside and outside. hopefully this summer it will happen

I will get pictures of the action to you all ASAP
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