cham laying down


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My cham is almost laying down. His butt and back end is laying on his perch but his front is kind of up. Is this normal? I think I remember seeing something about chams should apways be standing up when not sleeping. Thanks I'm advance for any help.
That looks normal to me. Unless there's something wrong with my cham also :(
Well if your cham just says there all day somthing could be wrong..
Don't be alarmed, it is likely some healthy basking. :) My chameleon will usually flatten out, lean to one side as you have described, and take in some heat. One side at a time. Sound about right?
I wouldnt be concerned. He looks okay to me.
unless he is regularly failing to hold himself up? if its only on occassion, its nothing to be worried about. But if he is laying on the branches not lifting himself up on his legs a lot of the time, then you'd have a problem
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