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Hey guys, so I recently got a male 3 month old panther chameleon a little about 2 weeks ago and I have already made sure with everyone his husbandry is correct, the only thing is that he is quite a picky eater. He's only eaten twice since I have had him and he only eats the BSFL, not the dubia roaches. Trust me, the dubia roaches are small enough. Any tips to make him less picky?


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Right now, just feed him the BSFL and try to add in other healthy staples until you find one or more that he likes. At his age, he needs to be eating more than you need to be trying to break his hunger strike

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Unfortunately they havent invented a device to make a cham less picky 😂 so the next best thing you can do is offer a wide variety till you find something he likes and that is both convenient for you and nutritious for him. I would suggest silkworms if you can find em. Best feeder IMO while they are a lil pricey sometimes, they are always worth it. You can also try locust grasshoppers stick bugs moths beetles snails praying mantis etc.


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I had more trouble with feeding variety when they were little and ate a lot every day. They’d find something they liked and ignore the others. Keep offering more stuff 😊

now that my crew Is older and eats a few times per week, they get something different at every feeding and it’s much easier to feed them a large variety of bugs

this also can be where varying your gutload can “vary” the diet through feeder nutrition even if it’s the same feeder type
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