cham is gloomy in cage


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I filled out the care sheet and husbandry is spot on. 5.5 mo male Panther is dark colors, sitting mid level, looking gloomy all day until his lights go out.

I think he ate a large hornworm and silkworm this morning cause they are gone.

I get him out of his cage and he puts on his nice colors when I pick him up but seems afraid and would rather be back in cage.:confused:

Why is he gloom and doom in cage and BRIGHT outside of cage but SCARED?
Shouldnt it be the other way around, bright in cage and dark when I get him out?

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are you able to take him outside on a small free range plant? all mine seem happier once they have been outside for a bit in the sun, maybe that will bring him around :)


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He gets dusted and loaded crix and horn worms, mealies, silkies, phoenix, when he decides to eat them. I get him out and he lightens up right away. He is happy. But is still scared of me. I will try to carry him on a stick to help keep him calm. I just worry about his somber mood in his cage and lack luster appetite.
cal. every feeder
cal D3 twice a month
repti vit twice a month


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You have a UVB bulb, right? and has it been changed out lately? Trying to think of things...What about substrate? Could he have eaten something?


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I put a repti 5.0 bulb in two weeks ago. Its without the plastic cover

here is pic of his shed and after


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I don't have any substrate in my cage. Just the plastic bottom that the cage came with, it's so much easier to clean that having the reptile carpet or anything else.
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