cham hasnt moved from sleeping spot all morning??


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I Have no idea what's going on but my panther chameleon hasn't moved from his sleeping spot all day. His eyes are open and i have checked on him a few times and confirmed they are never shut so he is awake. But why hasnt he moved? Literally nothing has changed with my husbandry. Only thing I could think of is maybe the weather? I have noticed the last week he's been waiting until the very last second of lights going out to get in position whereas before he would be in the spot 1-2 hours early. Before also he would be wide awake and moving when I went to check in on him to feed him at 9am. Lights go off at 7 and turn on at 7. Latly though I go to feed him at 9 and he hasnt moved (but awake) and then will get up and be fine/normal after 10. It's now almost 12pm. Should I just change the lights to maybe 8pm and 8am? I thought before maybe it was that he wasnt "getting out of bed" because it would still be 60 in the room and then when I wake up to feed him I turn the heater on and thought maybe when it got warmer he would wake up but realistically if hes cold wouldnt he go to his basking spot? I also noticed he hasnt been eating much. He is turning 7 months on the 1st. Before he would eat non stop (well, technially 15 bugs a day but ate anything i gave him). Now he eats about 6-8 and then ill take the rest and put them on branches for him to wild catch which he does so he is technically eating more but usually he eats it all right away out of the cup. During the day when hes awake he is ALWAYS moving around hes a busy bee. he seems perfectly normal and nothing out of the ordinary other than these two things. Maybe its just because hes getting older?
Some chams would rather starve then move to get a feeder and reveal their position.
If you are in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming, and he may be slowing down.

And yes they are cricket vacuums till they are adults, then intake can drop up to 90%.
My chams doing pretty much the same thing except he does move around in the morning. I live in Maine and it’s been very rainy and cold lately and it’s getting darker earlier like around 6 pm. I have a Jackson’s.
so at 12:30 i began going back there and giving him a few bugs and placing them on the screen side so they would crawl up and he snatched them all up. i fed him 6-7 and he ate all of them so he still has an appitite. Then at 2:30 he finally moved and has been wandering around his cage like normal. all normal coloring and acting like nothing ever happened LOL then i cleaned his cage, he never got upset but he got brightly colored while i was in there and watched me down and has been wandering around some more since. So idk? maybe he was just lazy today because its a cold rainy day? lol
Keep an eye on him. This happened to my chameleon this past winter. The days outside get shorter and colder and he adjusts by sleeping in and roosting early. Freaked me out but when I brought him to the vet for a physical and blood work, there was nothing wrong. You could adjust his light schedule to account for the season if you'd like...but you could also just let him do his thang.
Happy to report the little stink has been up and moving since 8:30 this morning. I opened the blinds to the window and he’s enjoying the sunshine which is his favorite thing and just moving all about like normal! I guess he just doesn’t like rainy gloomy days like his mom 😂
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