cham handling.


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I'm aware that chams aren't a handle all the time animal. But how would you go about getting them used to being held? Mines 3.5 months old eats out of my hand no problem and isn't scared of me in his cage. But once I take him out he can't wait to get back in. Should I take him out more or just keep hand feeding and hope for the best?
Hand feeding is a good way, when he relates your hand with good, he won't recognize it as a threat to him, most likely.
I have also heard (but never tried) if you put a branch connecting to a tree right outside the cage, but the branch goes into the cage, and let them come out on their own time, it works well.

Think of it this way: Their cage is their comfort zone, when we get them out of their comfort zone, clearly they are uneasy. Yes, eventually they will be comfortable outside of their normal habitat, but if you let them come out of their own time, it would be much more likely they would be at ease with it (or so I have heard) not saying that would work, but it's a way to get them out and about.
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