Cham ate those oatmeal looking things in the super worm container


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So my chameleon just underwent his first shed with me and as a treat I gave him small super worms and he accidentally ate about 2-3 those oatmeal looking things in the mealworm container I'm worried about Impaction in my little guy.


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In the UK, they usually come in bran. As it gets moist it will expand a bit but hopefully just a couple of tiny pieces should be OK.

Keep an eye out and watch for poop. If he doesn't poop when he usually does, you may need to look again and maybe get him checked out.

Personally I transfer feeders with tweezers into the dusting pot and again using tweezers into whatever feeder pot (depending on which animal they're for). It makes sure of no transfer of any other bits and pieces.

Hope it's all good anyway and don't get too worked up if it was that little bit.
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