CForums are a real help!

This morning I noticed Rocko was staying under his lamps much longer than normal. When I walked up to him I noticed he had his right eye closed and was trying to clear something out of it. I IMMEDIATELY went into action and took him into my hands. I warmed up the hand sprayer and as much as he hated it, I sprayed him for a long shower. He was able to clear the eye very quickly and I was very relieved that it didn't seem to be any bigger issues going on. Drying him off I gave him a dose of Reptaid and tried to calm him down. Boy was he changing colors during his 'shower treatment.' LOL

The point of this post is to say that I knew the exact procedure he needed because I've read it so many times on these forums. It was because of everyone on here, posting, sharing, and learning, that I was able to instinctively react to his need. Thank you chameleon forums!

What you give is what you get.
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