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This is my dog Moki. She's my baby girl. :) We are celebrating her two year anniversary of being diagnosed with lymphoma! She was diagnosed at the tender age of 3 years old. She has gone through two rounds of chemo, each 5 months long. And she's only felt sick two days out of the whole two years - she handles chemo like a champ! She is currently in remission again and is beating the odds! Only 20% of dogs diagnosed with lymphoma survive long enough to reach the two year mark. She's looking forward to hiking season - something I wasn't sure she'd make it to. I am so incredibly grateful to have gotten this much more time with her, and can only hope for as much more as I can get! I'm greedy, what can I say. ;)

congrats on your 2 year anniversary moki!! I know how hard it is,mothers day is my 1 year anniversary also...
That's such wonderful news Dayna! Moki's such a beautiful girl. I am praying for many more good years for you two to have together.
Thank you everyone! Cancer is such a terrible thing for people and animals alike. But there are success stories and that's the part to focus on. :)
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