CBB Nosy Be's. 3 Stunning Bloodlines. $175 ea plus shipping.

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Chameleon Company

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We currently have a lot of Nosy Be's available, from three of our finest bloodlines (sires pictured). Males are currently 14-22 weeks old, and 5-8" total length. Females a little bit smaller. Males are $175 ea. Females $165. Unrelated pairs $325. Plus shipping.

We ship primarily via UPS Next Day Air, at a cost of $38-45, depending on distance from Florida. Send zip code for a quote.

All CBB chameleons come with a 5-day full-satisfaction guarantee. We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards. Best way to contact is to email us at [email protected], or to call. Thanks.

Jim Flaherty
The Chameleon Company
863-638-3653 (10 AM - 9 PM EST)
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Offspring from Atlas

Here are two of the nicest males from Atlas. Click to enlarge. If interested, each photo contains a number-letter as ID. Thanks.
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Two from Greaseball and three from Houdini

Click to enlarge. Each has a specific number if interested.

The 708's are from Greaseball, with 708-A in shed.

The 710's are from Houdini.

Edit in: Male 708-B is sold.
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