CB Juvenile Sambava Panthers and CH nosy faly panther for sale

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Hello, I have available for sale 1 male and 2 female sambava from the same clutch. The male is 225$ plus shipping and the females are 135$ plus shipping each. If you would like all three chameleons together I would be able to give free shipping on them.

1st picture is the sire to the sambava offspring. I did not get any good photos of him during the short time I had him. He was the most amazing sambava I have ever seen, and the photo is him not even fired up. The dame was a sambava from the retired "cortez" line from kammerflage.

The hatch date is 08/08/13, which puts the babies at exactly 6 months old now. They are on the smaller side since they hatched small and grew slower during the winter months. However, now they are putting on weight and growing quickly. They are the size of typical 4-5 month olds. These are a bargain for top of the line bloodlines of a locale that is rarely offered for sale.
2nd photo is the male sambava, 3rd photo is a female.

Also I have one 6 month old male CH nosy faly. I am not 100% sure whether or not it is a nosy faly or nosy be based on the coloration. Its other male sibling (not for sale, shown in 4th and 5th pictures) with more developed colors is showing colors very typical of a nosy faly. For those of you who don't know, CH means there is no picture of a sire available, since it was hatched from a WC female. The available male is for sale at only 250$ plus shipping. Would make for a good breeder to strengthen anyone's bloodlines. Unrelated to any US bloodlines. Available male for sale is shown in the 7th picture. Other male shown is not for sale, but to show what locale they most likely are based on appearance.

Send an email to chrismyang@hotmail.com if you are interested. All prices are FIRM, this has to be stated unfortunately since someone has already tried to offer me about half of my asking price. If you do not want to pay the asking price then do not waste my time.

Local pick up in southern california available.


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6th picture is one of the female sambavas.
7th picture is available male nosy faly


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