Caught veiled bathing?


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This morning I caught my veiled walking out of his water dish. I keep one in there solely for his dripper system and it’s shallow enough to where I know he’s safe if he stands. He’s never fallen and has plenty of highways in his enclosure. Should I be worried, or do they just like to soak every now and then?


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They are not like other types of lizards that soak for shedding purposes. It’s possible he did slip or fall into to dish but like @jannb said cover it with some type of screen.


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It would be a better idea to place a plant beneath the dripper to collect water. It's never a good idea to allow stagnant water near a chameleon
Sorry for the late reply, thank you. It is part of a dripper plant so the water is pumped, but I’ll probably switch him over to a pothos to make sure he’s safe.


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If what you have is what I am thinking it is, its best to remove it and manually mist along with a dripper on the top of the cage. Better option would be to invest in a misting system.

Any type of reptile fountain branded drinking device is extremely unsanitary.
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