Cats and Chameleons


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I have two cats and want to keep a chameleon enclosure in my living room. The cats have free reign of the house so they will probably eventually see the cham moving about in the enclosure, not to mention teh bugs crawling around. I plan to elevate the enclosure on a corner table to about 5ft high but the cats can always go where they want.

Is this an accident waiting to happen?

Any experience, advice?

i used xmas tree wire to anchor the cage to the wall. so they dont knock it over. i have 2 cats one super curious in my cham and the other only cares about the crickets in the bucket on the floor.
I have two cats and they are both too fat and lazy to bother my chameleons.. (they even care less about my newly hatched ducklings) That just how they are, I know the are no threat

But back when I lived with a roommate, She had a cat that was CRAZY.. the kind that climb the curtains for no reason. There was a time he decided to climb up the chameleon cage and actually fell through the screen on the top. I cam home and found the top of the cage caved in, the basking light hanging by the cord in the cage, and my veiled chameleon out of the cage on the windowsill.

If you know your cats have a crazy steak, take percations. Secure the cage so it wont be tipped.. keep that spray bottle near to deter them from being too curious.

A cat bite can be fatal to a cham
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